Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Back to School....

Before you get your hopes up, I haven't actually decided to to back to school. More of a "poker school". I've learned quite a few things in the past several months since I decided to get back into poker. One, I really love this game, like A LOT. It constantly challenges me, and allows me to put a lot of my talents to good use. And two, I'm not quite as good as good as I thought I was. Well............ let me rephrase that, I'm as good as I thought, but the collective online poker community is FAR better than they used to be.

Back in 05, if you'd read ANY poker book, or understood even the basic concepts, you could at least make a little money. But nowadays, you'd get crushed with that aptitude. People are MUCH more educated, the internet has accelerated people's learning curve, and basically I'm saying that I NEVER should have quit poker for 5 years. Bad move Jules........... bad move.

So I guess I should quit right?? With all the new, upcoming additions to my life, who has the time or money?? Time to give up huh??


I'm not giving up because it's hard. That's what pussies do. BUT........... I do need to get better. Quite a bit better if I want to turn this from a "hobby" to a "lucrative hobby", which I do!

So I'm still playing, and I've decided to redirect some of my playing money and invest it in some wisdom; books, videos, and maybe even have some seasoned pros review my sessions and give their harsh critiques, which I welcome of course.

Seems like a lot of work and money for a "hobby" doesn't it?? Well guess what? Poker makes me happy. Read my most recent Random Crap Blog for this "happiness" concept I speak of. And I'm also very fortunate to have a VERY supportive wife who cares quite a bit about her hubby being happy :-)

So cliff notes for this blog: Poker's harder than I thought, but I'm not givin up.