Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another run at it........

Hey out there, long time no blog. My apologies for that. I decided that between the crummy way I've been playing, and the birth of my second baby(as if anyone who reads this doesn't already know that), I would take a small break from poker to relax and get re centered.

So during that time, I saved up some money, and also had some released from an online poker site. All is all, I ended up with around $300ish. And that changed dramatically when I decided to take a monthly trip to the casino for some "friendly poker"

So I'm sitting at the casino playing some 1/2 No Limit hold em. I bought in for around $100, which is WAY to big of a chunk of my bankroll to be risking, but..... well I didn't have any other games running. So I've probably built my stack up to around $140ish; it was a very passive slow moving table, most people had between $100 and $300 in chips. And I overhear the dealer talking about a PLO game running over on table 9. As you all know, PLO is my fav game, but also a very crazy game. But............. I just couldn't help myself and I went over and sat down. All I can say is WOW. Most guys had between $400 and $1000, and one guy had well over $2000 in chips in front of him. Needless to say, I was definitely out chipped, but oh well :)

First hand I get dealt AdQdQhJd, a VERY nice PLO hand. I figure "well here we go" and put in a pot sized raise, around $20 and get two callers. Flop comes Qs Kh 2H. I throw out a pot sized bet and the guy to my left immediately goes all in for $120 total, basically the rest of my chips. I figure, well unless he had Kings, I'm in great shape, and I quickly call. He had 2 pair and a flush draw, and luckily he didn't make his flush, so I went from $140 to over $300 on the first hand. And since I've already bored you enough with my poker ramblings, I'll give you the cliffs for the rest of the night: I pretty much played solid, and ended up leaving with around $350. Not the biggest score in the world, but it basically doubled my bankroll.

Which puts me back to the present. I now have a bankroll of around $550. If I happen to get the $120 that is still on Full Tilt, then all the better, but I really can't count on that. So I'm back to the battle, with a decent bankroll now.

So my plan is to not get too carried away, and not risk too much at a time so I don't go busto. I've never had a bankroll this size, so I'm hoping that I'll respect it better, and not be dumb.

Updates to come......................