Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Easy Come...... easy go??

Hopefully not, but it is a concern. My friends, I've had a DAMN good week. Well......... by my piddly ass standards I've had a good week. Most poker players would laugh at my small stakes success, but I'm pretty happy with it.............

In a period of just over a week, I turned my $100 bankroll into just under $350, actually $345. And I definitely took some risk, but I never had all my money on the table or anything like that. I would call it more of a "controlled explosion", with me being on the good end of most of the big pots.

My concern is now that, the amount of money in my Bankroll is MUCH more irreplaceable than a $100. Not that I could just go to the ATM and get $100, but if I lost it, I could be back in the game in......... maybe a few weeks or a month or something?

And due to the fact that I basically tripled my bankroll in a week means I'm on a HUGE card rush. Not that I'm not playing well, but I'm definitely getting some good opportunities handed to me as well. And I need to make sure that now more than ever that I protect my winnings.

You all know by now that I DO NOT lose well. And it's not outside of my history to get upset while playing and blow through some(or all) of my BR. Especially when I built it up so quickly, and pretty damn easily. Hence the "easy come, easy go"

But let's be honest, if I truly want to be a successful player with a MUCH bigger bankroll, I'm gonna have to learn to keep it under control, maintain limits, and NOT GO ON TILT when things don't go my way.

The next few weeks are going to be a very good indicator or whether or not I really have what it takes to move to the next level.

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