Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Poker Blog..... READ!!!!!

Hello out there!! Remember me? I'm the guy that starts blogs and makes like 10 entries and then you never hear from him again............

Anyway, I'm on a new kick now, an old love of mine from my early twenties............. POKER!!!!!

I can still remember playing "War" with my Dad when I was 5 or 6. Shortly there after I learned 5 card draw, and used to LOVE calling his outrageous bluffs with Ace high...... or was that him calling my bluffs???

Anyway, it wasn't until my early twenties that I got back into in. At the time, online poker was catching a TON of flack, and most sites were so sketchy that I didn't feel comfortable having my hard earned money on there. And since I didn't have to big bucks needed to play at the casino, I had to hang up my chips.

But........... lately I just couldn't fight the urge any longer!! The two major online poker sites had finally gotten their shit together and all the crap sites had gone under. So I decided to jump back in, and MAN did it feel good to be shuffling chips and seeing flops again!! Love at first check raise.

Anyway, I started this blog to not only keep track of my progress(and most importantly my BANKROLL), but to let everyone else be a part of my journey into poker glory......... or something like that.................

Anyway, on to the facts:

So far my journey has been VERY rocky. I deposited my first 30 bucks into Full Tilt Poker, and it went up and down and up and dow... well you get the idea. I finally went bust, and talked my sweet(and VERY supportive) wife into letting me put another $50 in there. That, mixed with some luck, and my monthly $20 add on (once again from my VERY supportive wife) has gotten me up to right around $100. I took that money out of Full Tilt, and put it into Poker Stars. I did this for three reasons. One, they have a better selection of games. Two, there layout looks WAY cooler, and three, the let you restrict the limits that you can play at. This way, I can't go on tilt one night and try to move up limits to try to chase after lost money.

So that's where I've been, on to where I'm (hopefully) going:

My goal is to eventually get my bankroll(currently $100) up to $2k. This will allow me to play at limits where I can actually make money worth making, while leaving myself little chance of going broke.

Can I do it?? Given my skill set, and passion for the game, yeah I think I can. My biggest problem has been, and always will be my lack of patience and discipline. This means NOT getting all pissed when I lose and tilting away my money. It also means setting, and keeping VERY strict bankroll requirements. If I can keep all that under control, the rest is a few Nut Flushes away..................


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