Sunday, October 24, 2010


Hello out there, hopefully all of you followers are good. Wait........ I don't have any followers........ So I'm writing this to myself. OK well, hello self, you're looking very studly today. :-)

Anyway, not much to write, been up and down, as usual. Bankroll has risen as high as $120, and dropped as low as $95. I'm currently at around $110, so hopefully I can at least stay in the triple digits right??

I'm still having some discipline issues, but as my discipline is rewarded with a growing bankroll, maybe I'll finally get it?? Hey it could happen!!

My goal for this week is continue playing within my bankroll limits, and probably stick to my favorite game, which is Pot Limit Omaha. That way I can build up a good amount of hands at that game, and I can get some worthwhile stats to analyze.


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