Thursday, October 28, 2010

So Close, yet so far.......

So I accidentally locked myself out of the cash games last night, don't ask how. And of course...... Wednesday being my "Poker Night" I was quite disappointed to find out that it takes 24 hours to reverse. But then I realized that I hadn't locked myself out of tournaments. Now I'm usually not a tourney kind of guy, but what choice did I have?? I was craving some CARDS!!

So I found a 50 person, $10 buy in, Pot Limit Omaha tourney and started grinding it out. I started out real well, doubling up, and then stealing a few pots. Then I got all my money in with a Broadway Wrap and a flush draw against a smaller straight. When my sweet diamond hit on the river, I was happy as hell, and in the chip lead. But it was all pretty much down hill from there. I was not getting ANY good cards, and the blinds were getting bigger and bigger. We were down to 10 people, and the money starts at 8. But I'm not the kind of guy that will sit on the bubble just to make a little money, I wanted to go for the WIN, which was over $100 BTW.

So I got dealt J 10 8 7 double suited, and decided to raise. The chip leader called me, and the flop came J 10 2. With top two two pair, at a table of 4, I was pretty sure I had the best hand. I bet the pot, he called. The turn was an 8, putting a possible straight on the board, but I really didn't think he had it, so I bet the pot again, he re re raised me all in, and I called. Well, I was right, he didn't have the straight, he had Q Q 5 6. I was in great shape to double up, and take this tournament.................... till a Queen hit on the river, and I was done.

I can't be too upset, I went with my read, which was correct. And I got my money in with the best hand, which is all I could do. Unfortunately, the poker gods just weren't in my corner.

But as my good friend(and poker legend) Bobby Balwin says "If you're getting sucked out on, then that means you're getting your money in with the best hand, and that's what winning poker is all about. One hand, one session, or even a week of bad luck really doesn't matter at all, playing good solid poker ALWAYS wins the money in the long run".

So true Bobby, so true.


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